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CNN Interactive Jobs - Internet Marketing Intern

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Online Dating With Friends: 5 Ways Your Friends Can Help You Find Love Online

Online Dating Along With Friends: 5 Ways Your Mates May Assist An Individual To Locate Adore Online

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Byline: DAVID KRONKE Television Critic

`LEAP OF FAITH'' is a bland dish from the video Cuisinart: Just toss middling episodes of ``Friends,'' ``Seinfeld,'' ``Sex and the City,'' that terrible assortment of NBC mediacentric ladies (``Just Shoot Me,'' ``Suddenly Susan,'' ``Caroline in the City'' and individuals canceled in a much more timely trend), along with the self-aware quippery of ``Gilmore Girls'' (but not, however, its genuine wit) into a blender. Set on puree and procedure right up until all taste is eliminated.

Tonight's premiere finds uber-perky thirtysomething promoting executive Faith Wardwell (Sarah Paulson) obtaining prewedding jitters and dumping her productive but awfully oily fiance following succumbing with surprising swiftness to the charms of a cute man. (Why go to all that sky wedding difficulties to establish that she's single when that can be covered in a easy line of dialogue?)

Faith operates with frizzy-haired and -brained Patty (Lisa Edelstein) - believe a tidied-up edition of Kim Cattrall's man-eater on ``Sex and the City'' - cooking up unlikely ad campaigns like the third vehicle for two-vehicle couples or golf clubs for girls disinterested in golf.

Her other pals consist of Andy (Ken Marino), a generic ``Seinfeld'' kind of character whose every single observation smacks of trivial minutiae, and voice-of-reason Cynthia (Regina King), the female straight guy the other zany characters bounce their idiocies off of. Faith's fatuously arrogant mother (Jill Clayburgh) thinks of every little thing in terms of how it will have an effect on her social standing, so naturally she is apoplectic about canceling the wedding.

These actors have previously assembled adequate irksomely prepackaged mannerisms for a self-content cast coming into the seventh year of their series: They're currently hermetically sealed in their affectations with out ever having gone to the difficulties of connecting with an audience. (Their performances seem inspired most by the bouncy posturing of Fox series stars in their promos.) The creating does not help them a lot, either: In two episodes, only a single line evinced a smile.

When, following week, Faith whimpers that her long term would seem so undecided, her boy toy du jour responds, ``The question mark (in lifestyle) - that's what can make you come back for more.'' And that is really probably why viewers won't need to return to ``Leap of Faith'' - there are no query marks. Its every phase is telegraphed far in advance, possibly as far back as 1997's ``Fired Up,'' one more related and similarly uninspired area-holder on NBC's Thursday lineup.

LEAP OF FAITH - Two stars

What: New York singles. Higher jinks. Quips. You know, the usual.

Where: NBC (Channel 4).

When: 8:thirty tonight.




Sarah Paulson plays the title role in NBC's ``Leap of Faith.''

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Why would anyone use Digital Crown on an iPhone?

Why would anybody use Digital Crown on an iPhone? | Computerworld

There are claims Apple is thinking about bringing the Digital Crown more than from the Apple View to the iPhone, but why does this program make any sense?

Contrasting philosophies

Patently Apple has identified a couple of Apple patents that suggest bringing a Digital Crown-style controller to the iPhone. I can see why it could be beneficial to some men and women, but is it actually essential? Has Apple really reached a stage at which it baffled "good to have" with "essential to use"? They are not the same factors and combining them is a conflict of design and style philosophies.

You see, I get that

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